Ford Racing's 5.2 Coyote Crate engine

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Re: Ford Racing's 5.2 Coyote Crate engine

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No flat plane crank though... :/

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Re: Ford Racing's 5.2 Coyote Crate engine

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Chad-1stgen wrote:No flat plane crank though... :/
If you want the flat plane crank, Ford will supposedly sell you the GT350R version that is alleged to be a track monster, as delivered. But, there are already reports that the 455 HP Craparo SS goes 11's stock and handles very well. So, no doubt, bow tie lovers will get some Z version of the Craparo, down the line a bit, that will be a super track monster. In fact, Chevy will have the GT350's in their sights if they conduct business as usual. And, we all know that in addition to having lighter curb weight, cubes is cubes, and Chevy has proved that they can get a lot of HP and torque out of that antique V-8 of theirs. NASCAR has been spinning V-8's with regular cranks and push rods up to some serious sustained RPM's for years now, and, they usually last 500 miles so, trick cranks and valve gear are not absolutely necessary for performance. Not to say that I don't lust after the new GT350 and its unique engine, but, even at MSRP it is out of my league even to buy one, let alone maintain it. Even if one could get past the initial purchase price and somehow manage tags and insurance, I bet the sticky GT350 specific tires that they rave about cost an arm and a leg, and the engine holds 70 gallons of oil and no doubt wants frequent changing if the car is run hard, etc. Not a performance car for the common man, who still might be able to barely swing a new base Mustang GT with the track pack for half the cost, at least, of the new GT350.

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