Two Miatas and a Triumph Daytona

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Two Miatas and a Triumph Daytona

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No real riders showed up last Sunday, even me, as I was on my 1970 Triumph Daytona which in comparison to a Velocette is very Honda like. But, at least I was on a motorcycle, as the other two pilots were Miata powered.

We headed up to the lookout just past the Pine Mountain campground turnoff ( ... ecid=11024) where you can park and gaze out over the south end of the Chumash Wilderness, also known as the 'badlands' ( Rows of barren ranges stretch out, looking very inhospitable. If you look closer toward the base of 33 you can see a portion of Lockwood Valley, where patches of green tell of attempts to farm alfalfa and carrots at the expense of the arid climate ( ... a6f78.html). Never the less, it is an impressive view, full of contrasts.

It was a nice ride back down to Ojai, as the few trees that line the now dry riverbeds were sliding into their fall colors, mostly gold, yellow, and still some green. The surrounding hillsides and fields are the barren brown of California scrub during a prolonged drought, providing more contrast. Additionally, the black ribbon of the freshly paved roadway presents a stark demarcation to the surrounding multi colored vegetation, some heralding the arrival of winter, some waiting for the moisture that represents.

Another Sunday, another wonderful ride full of the flavors of Nature in transition.


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