Big Ride Out This Weekend!

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Re: Big Ride Out This Weekend!

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"And, this quandary has persisted to this day, although, truth be told, I generally vote for more power, no matter how difficult it is to justify it, as you can work on riding skills and handling, but, you can't coach power." I never know whether you are tongue in cheek, but I always vote for more power with my wallet. (even tho my DRZ S was an exception).

I do think that having more power than is prudent introduces an entirely different problem, but it is a problem that I enjoy.

I have enjoyed this thread even tho I do worry about you guys. A few years back, after a couple of close calls on the street/highway where a couple of seconds sooner or later and I, or others, might have been killed, I decided going forward to only push the limits of a vehicle on a closed track. The exception to that rule, riding while while toasted, resulted in the worst motorcycle wreck of my life 2+ years ago, and even as slow a learner as I am, that ended that foolishness too.

I always send good vibes up North when I think that you guys are doing a ride, and love the stories when you return safely.

I do plan to ride the Ducati up to SoCal just for fun, and hopefully can tag along on a ride, but if you guys are riding hard, I will be no closer to the action than I am here in Mexico.

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