BSA Hansen Dam event

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Re: BSA Hansen Dam event

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So . . . the real miscreants just ignored the "Road Closed" signs and went on through?
I wonder, if one of them had fallen down on that gravel, could they have sued the county too?

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Re: BSA Hansen Dam event

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Tetge wrote:
jhwalker wrote: I thought you were evolving. I withdraw the observation. :lol: Since only the KTM 690 meets your criteria, didn't the latest engine redesign greatly reduce the shaking? Is the problem that they will not paint-shaker in on trade?
I did not say that the KTM was the only bike that fitted my criteria, since there may be other, undiscovered by me, candidates. I merely stated that I could not find many choices in a light weight, high performance, motorcycle, other than the 690 Duke. Also, reviews are mixed and limited on the new 2016, and up, 690's, as they have had a series of teething problems because KTM says that the engine is 90% new and the electronic instrument panel is different along with a lot of other stuff. So, the supply has been limited and the "R" model with the fully adjustable suspension remains unavailable in the US. Seems that the market is not there for a the more expensive model of the big single, as it still is felt to lack performance compared to sports bikes, such as 600's, and it is relegated to a niche status machine as a consequence, because the tastes of US buyers tends to be cruisers, choppers, and sports bikes. Naked bikes are not as popular and the brief supermoto craze was apparently just a passing fad.

So, I was interested in the choices out there, although, just as obviously, you felt that the Ducati Scrambler fitted your filters especially since it could be modified with a bunch of parts that improved its handling and performance. So, one of the differing filters between us would be that, when it comes to fun toys, you always want to get one that you can modify, perhaps radically, while I want the basic package to work sans mods. That's correct, as I have evolved past modifications, particularly with noise and emission enforcement constantly being increased. Once reformed, it all makes more sense.
Filters! Feelters !! I don't need no steenking feelters
If I did have filters, they would be 1. less than 500 lbs 2. strong enuf 3. fun 4. Ducati (which covers a host of qualities (over-priced, unreliable, and so on ) :lol: :lol:

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